STC simplifies data verification process for SAWA customers

In anticipation of the new regulation, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has been taking measures to ensure swift implementation. In accordance with the new regulation set by the Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC), beginning July 31st 2012 customers will need to input their national identification number (Iqama) immediately after entering their prepaid card number to charge SIM cards, recharge, or transfer balances. In an effort make the transition as smooth and simple for its customers as possible, STC raised the visitor capacity in its customer-care centers to allow for better and faster service, and to accommodate the expected surge of customers who will need to update their personal information at these centers.

In addition to facilitating the transition process, STC also launched its “10 years.. SAWA stronger” promotional campaign. The campaign offers many incentives to SAWA customers and encourages them to update their personal information to be input into a draw and have a chance to win many valuable prizes.

Customers can recharge their SAWA SIM cards in 6 easy ways. The first method involves transferring funds by sending an SMS to 155, containing *133* then inputting the destination SAWA phone number, followed by ( * ),  followed by the  amount to be transferred, followed by ( * ) and the national identification number of the destination number, followed by #. The second method is processed through SAWA rechargeable cards, and requires the customer to input *155* then the recharging card’s number, followed by ( * ), followed by the Iqama number, followed by ( # ) then pressing the “call” key. The third method requires the customer to send an SMS to 1500, that contains *155*, followed by the rechargeable card’s number, followed by ( * ), followed by the Iqama number, then ( # ) and then sending the message. The fourth method requires the customer to call 1500, and when prompted, choose to recharge, then enter the rechargeable card’s number followed by the Iqama number. The fifth method allows customers to recharge their cards through the STC website, at The sixth and final method involves using Al Jawwal Portal by visiting the website: through the user’s phone.

The telecom giant stressed that the only identification cards that can be used to recharge SIM cards are the Iqama number, national identification card, and passport. In the event that there are letters in the passport, they should be avoided when inputting the password number. All information entered by customers must be accurate and up to date.