STC sponsoring Mobile World Congress 2011 – Ministerial Programme

Faithful to its status and in line with its vision to become a leading global telecom operator, STC is sponsoring the prestigious Ministerial Programme in the GSMA congress held in Barcelona between 14th – 17th February 2011. The programme includes a series of roundtable discussions between decision makers from governments, regulatory bodies and industry leaders where the big questions around the future of telecom are raised and debated.

STC will take a leading role during these discussions to present its knowledge and experience through the active participation of its top executives. STC representation will be led by the Group CEO, Eng Saud Ben Majed Al Daweesh who stressed on the importance of such forums where insights between decision makers are shared to get the global view on the key issues affecting the telecom industry and its central role promoting economic development.

The CEO for STC International Operations, Ghassan Hasbani, highlighted the value that STC International will gain and contribute through the privileged participation in this programme. STC has now established a track record in multiple emerging and mature markets since 2007 and can now contribute thought leadership in all the main issues affecting the telecom sector on a global scale.

STC will have a prominent presence in the Ministerial Programme with the prestigious status of Platinum Sponsor. STC’s delegates will take part in all the top profile meetings during this programme, in particular, STC will have an active participation in the “CEO Roundtable Breakfast” that brings together Regulators, Ministers and industry leaders in the world. STC will present a point of view document to the participants presenting STC view the role of telecom as a partner in economic development. This paper will open the debate on the reforms needed to create a favourable environment for the next wave of telecom growth.

STC will also participate in the annual Government Mobile Forum 2011.This forum will discuss the Role of Regulation in the New Digital Decade. Group CEO will have a keynote speech presenting STC views on the outlook for telecom industry and the role of regulation and policy makers to make it happen.

STC International, represented by the CEO for STC International Operations, will also share its experience as a multinational cross-continental operator in emerging markets. Mr Hasbani will be a panellist on a roundtable around “Strategies for Growth – Mergers & Acquisitions” and share the experience around key success factors for cross border growth.

STC delegation will also participate in the World Economic Forum CEO Breakfast, where STC has privileged membership. This high profile meeting will be held in Barcelona at the same time as the GSMA Congress. STC participation will open up channels with decision makers within the larger telecom and media ecosystem.
Note: STC Group is now a multinational company operating in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia

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