n part of their commitment to promote Da’wa and Islamic culture, STC has strengthened its religious channels in applying “My Religion My Certainty” portal, to provide to those who are interested the richest religious content ever, where customers are now able to access and subscribe to any of the packaged that rich with religious information and advices. STC contributes in supporting these channels in order to provide an integrated Islamic library to its customers in a series of channels and religious messages.

Customers can subscribe to this spiritual service by sending SMS the contains 100 to 5000 for free, where they will receive link to download the application that  informs them on the latest developments on the application, and ease the subscription procedures for any channel, as well as receiving a variety of services and news around Islam for free. Subscribers can also send an empty SMS to 5000 to receive channels available in the package.

With “My Religion My Certainty”, STC offers numerous religious channels that were launched with exclusive collaboration from a number of honorary religious scientists to serve subscribers, and to contribute in enlighten them with religious advices, fatwas, Islamic anthems, hadiths, as well as offering a variety of news, and different readings of the Holy Quran conducted by a number of famous readers.
STC took this step in collaboration from a number of honorary and trustworthy Islamic scholars, as well from Al Majd Islamic Channel, in order to achieve some type of effective integrations that will help develop the community, and contributes in building a proper religious base that protects individuals from false information and misuse of modern technologies. STC has specified MMS and SMS to interact with these channels.

It is worth mentioning that the various and numerous channels that are offered through “ My Religion My Certainty” religious package, comes in accordance to the number of scholars who are contributing and supervising these channels on one hand, and the diversity of topics that are offered through each on the other hand. This service is one of main pillars that STC has taken seriously as part of the growing multi-content services.

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