Tablets for All: a gift-giving guide

Tablets for All: a gift-giving guideWith Eid fast approaching, many shoppers will be buying gifts for their nearest and dearest. If you are stumped about what to get for your tech-savvy friends and relatives, try this handy guide. A full rundown of this year’s newest crop of tablets ensures that you pick one that surpises and delights!


The Consummate Professional

This is somebody you admire for their business savvy, sharp style, and no-nonsense attitude. Not one to stop short of excellence, this person never settles for second-best. He is the consummate professional, a perfect fit fo the Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The sleek device is slim and comfortable in-hand, with a faux-leather back that would be right at home in any attaché case. The HD 12.2-inch WQXGA screen – the world’s first – boasts over four million pixels and a crystal clear resolution, which make it both richly detailed and relaxing on the eyes. Its size makes it much easier to read content in its original format, and is ideal for perusing spreadsheets, PDFs, e-books, and newspapers. Best of all, the Note Pro comes loaded with productivity content. Cisco WebEx Meetings, DropBox, and EverNote are but a few of the preloaded tools, while the tablet’s Remote PC feature ensures seamless connectivity by allowing users to access their work from home desktop. Don’t be surprised to receive a fervent thank-you email – composed on the Note Pro, of course – full of praise for its elegant design and stellar features.


The Multi-tasker

We all know somebody like this. A master juggler of work, children, and errands, the multi-tasker appreciates reliability and convenience. The Galaxy Tab 4 is an excellent tablet for someone who values a combination of function, form, and durability in their tech. The device weighs in at a mere 8mm thick, but its casing feels substantial.


The 10.1-inch screen features a vibrant color display, which renders media of all types a joy to watch: games, magazines, TV show and movies are all available at a moment’s notice – quite handy for someone who is always on the move, and for whom every minute is precious. The software of the Tab 4 is very user friendly, to boot, allowing you to set up your most-used widgets and apps on an easy-to-navigate homescreen. Its multi-window functionality allows users to open multiple apps on the screen simultaneously, making it easy to reply to emails while watching a movie or browsing the internet. Finally, Kids Mode is a perfect feature for distracting small children while getting important work done. All in all, the Tab 4 10.1 is a great choice for the busy bee in your life, and they will surely make time to express their gratitude.

The First-Timer

In our day and age, one’s first tablet can be had at any age. Your younger siblings learned how to unlock a smartphone before they could form a full sentence, and they have been dropping not-so-subtle hints about wanting their own touchscreen device for the last two years. The Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is a great starter tablet, perfect for small hands and big demands. Youngsters will never get tired of the game selection, and with a special Kids Mode option, parents can rest easy that their children are only exposed to family-friendly content. The device also features Group Play sharing capability and boasts a front and rear camera, which makes it perfect for Facebook- and selfie-obsessed teens. Its narrow shape also means that it fits easily into a jacket pocket or a small bag, but the WXGA screen’s size and resolution are large enough to bring comfort to all kinds of viewing. Like the 10.1, it is a slim and durable tablet; definitely the right choice if you aim to become someone’s favorite cousin.


The Tech Buff

If you know someone who is always chasing after the best in tech or social and visual media, look no further! The Galaxy Tab S is the only choice for them. This tablet has been specifically designed with content-heavy users in mind. They will delight in the vivid color and crisp details displayed on the Super AMOLED screen, and relish its sleek and elegant design. Like it or not, they will also enjoy showing off the fingerprint sensor to anyone who will listen. This is Samsung’s thinnest and lightest tablet, but its long-lasting battery, supports this breezy piece for 12 straight hours.


The Tab S was built for entertainment, and is a joy to use with any type of media. E-books and full-color publications are displayed to their best advantage in an updated, user-designed kindle app and the new Papergarden magazine app. Thanks to its 3GB RAM and the powerful eight-core processor, movies and games run smoothly in brilliant color and detail.


The new Multi-User mode adds privacy and a security to the whole package, allowing up to seven separate accounts to run on the same device, while the microSD reader makes it easy for each user to easily update and enjoy their own media. With so many great features, the only tough decision here is whether to purchase the 10- or 8-inch version in Dazzling White or Titanium Bronze. The Tab S leads the next generation of tablet innovation and is the jewel of Samsung’s tablet range. Don’t be surprised if you experience some serious gift envy and end up buying one for yourself on the sly!

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