The lowest price for international calling remains with du’s Call Home for less offer

Looking for the best international calling rates for your prepaid line? Look no further than du’s “Call Home for less” offer. With clear advantages of calling any network across 9 countries, the lowest call set-up fee of just AED 0.5 and calls for only 0.5 fils a second, “Call Home for less” continues to be the must-have offer of choice when it comes to the international calling for prepaid customers in the UAE.

“We launched “Call Home for less” in early August and we are delighted with the feedback received from our customers who opted-in, and continue to enjoy international calls upto 35% less from the very first minute compared to any other offer in the market. We continue to be committed to bring the best value and transparent offers to the market; a testament to this is that 90% of our targeted customer base has opted for this offer within the first three days of launch. With half the call set-up fee, the calling price is lower than any comparable offer in the market. “Call Home for less” continues to be the most attractive and transparent offer in the UAE today”, said Fahad Al Hassawi, Chief Commercial Officer, du.

“That’s not all; “Call Home for less” is the only offer with no network limitations.  For instance – a customer calling Egypt is assured that irrespective of the network carrier, the same rate applies”, added Fahad.

To opt-in for free,simplydial*135*30#.Once “Call Home for less” offeris activated, du customers can call any network in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nepal and Nigeria.