The ‘smart’ way: Lebanese Army launches application to report security threat

The ‘smart’ way: Lebanese Army launches application to report security threatThe Lebanese Army announced that it would be launching a mobile application in August to allow citizens to report security threats and benefit from digital services.

“Considering the recent security situation, the Army’s leadership reminds citizens of its decision to launch, starting 1/08/2014, a direct communication channel with them,” an Army statement released Monday said.

The application, which would be available to smartphones with the Android and iOS operating systems, will be called LAF SHIELD, the statement added.

The application will have a range of purposes, including to allow “citizens to contribute in protecting the country,” according to the statement.

The app will allow users to send text, photos, audio and video recordings to report any suspicions of bombs, mines, grenades or rigged cars. In addition, users can report security incidents, such as kidnappings, armed robberies and border violations, among others.

According to the statement, the application will also serve to help users participate in the pursuit of outlaws, or in reporting information about kidnapped or missed individuals.

On the passive side, citizens can receive Army news and watch videos, photos or songs.

The application will also offer “an interactive map pointing to dangerous locations (mines, security threats etc …),” the statement added, and will also give users the chance to call the Army directly in case of “serious threats.”

The Army called on citizens “to use the application in accordance with its indicated purpose,” stating that the application would ask for each user’s name and phone number, “in order to help the citizen in a better and faster way in cases of emergency.”

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