Thuraya Satcom Solutions Deployed for Japanese Relief Operations

Following the devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake which struck Japan, triggering the 23-foot Tsunami that damaged the terrestrial fixed and mobile networks, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in coordination with Thuraya have deployed vital satellite communication equipment to enable relief efforts. This includes the world’s smallest broadband solution, Thuraya IP and satellite handheld phones.

Satellite communications are providing reliable and robust communications which are being used by local government organisations responsible for coordinating search and rescue efforts.

“Thuraya has always played a pivotal role in providing reliable communications during and after natural disasters to facilitate search and rescue operations and assist humanitarian efforts within our 140-country coverage area. Thuraya IP is easily deployable, rugged and backed by a robust satellite network ensuring that government organisations, NGOs and other consumers are able to perform their daily activities during such difficult times. We are proud to be able to assist the Japanese people following the earthquake through our relationship with the ITU and our solutions,” said Thuraya’s Vice President Corporate and Marketing Communications, Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim.

On a similar note, the Head of the ITU’s Division for Emergency Telecommunications, Mr. Cosmos Zavazava said, “The power of sustainable partnerships continues to manifest itself as the international community rallies behind countries affected by natural disasters. Our profound appreciation goes to all our partners, and Thuraya is a long-standing contributor to the ITU Framework for Cooperation in Emergencies across the globe. Recently, Thuraya generously contributed to our efforts to save lives in Samoa, Uganda, Malawi, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Japan in the immediate aftermath of devastating disasters.”

Thuraya’s IP is the world’s smallest satellite broadband solution which offers data services in a compact terminal that has a user-friendly interface easing communications for mission-critical projects rapidly. Similarly, Thuraya’s handhelds in addition to voice communication provides GPS navigation and data services as well as other significant functionalities which are essential for relief operations.

Thuraya is a world leading mobile satellite operator that covers more than two thirds of the globe from Iceland to Australia. As such Thuraya provides blanket coverage over Japan including the surrounding waterways allowing high-quality satellite communication service at all times.

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