TRAI starts working on rules for modern telecom networks

TRAI starts working on rules for modern telecom networksTelecom regulator TRAI initiated the process for framing rules linked to modern networks that will be installed soon, especially for 4G services, and their connectivity with presently deployed networks. “Traditional telecommunication systems are migrating towards more powerful and viable internet protocol based telecommunication systems. Migration…will result in co-existence of legacy network along with IP based network. In view of these, TRAI has brought out a consultation paper on ‘Migration to IP based networks’,” an official statement said. The new IP based network as well as its co-existence with legacy network will give rise to several operational, interconnection and quality of service issues which needs to be addressed for the successful migration to IP based networks, the statement said. Network of all telecom companies are interconnected which is vital for completion of calls or sharing of messages through mobile or landline phones. At present, there are regulations that ensure that none of the players face discrimination or cartelisation by their competitors by rejecting or degrading connectivity of network.

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