Umniah wishes its adventurer ambassador “Mostafa Salameh” the best of luck on his journey to the North Pole

Umniah wishes its adventurer ambassador “Mostafa Salameh” the best of luck on his journey to the North PoleIn efforts to encourage adventurism among Jordan’s youth  within its agreement with the renowned Jordanian adventurer and climber Mostafa Salameh, Umniah announced its support of his journey to the North Pole and wishes him the best of luck.

Mostafa Salameh’s journey’s to the world’s highest continental peaks comes in support of patients currently combating cancer at the King Hussein Cancer Center, carrying a noble message that also helps in promoting Jordan on an international level.

This year, Umniah has signed a partnership with Mostafa Salameh reiterating its commitment to sponsor all his activities in supporting cancer. His journey started from the Dead Sea reaching the highest point of Mount Everest followed by his trip to the Kilimanjaro Summit in Africa, all of which fall under the same initiative.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the initiative saying, “Umniah’s partnership with Mostafa Salameh coincides with its leading position in supporting Jordan’s youth through its Corporate Social Responsibilities. Umniah has directed its efforts towards adventurism on a local, regional and global level to help promote Jordan and internal tourism.”

Hinnawi also stressed that its support for Mostafa Salameh comes in context to Umniah’s efforts in promoting diverse Jordanian talents that showed distinctive measures on a global level.

Mostafa Salameh also added: “As an experienced mountain climber, I strongly encourage Jordanians who have a passion for adventurism to take up this recreational activity. Being one of the toughest and most dangerous sports, it requires a lot of patience and determination from climbers to succeed.”

Beginning his career in the year 2004, Mostafa Salameh is the first Jordanian climber to reach the world’s seven highest peaks after beginning with the North America’s summit of Denali. He later went on to climb the highest Arctic summit known as Venice; followed by the European summit of Elbrus; the African summit of Kilimanjaro; then the South American summit of Kajo; as well as Mount Everest and finally the Carstens summit in Australia.

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