Vodafone unveils new data roaming tariffs for business users

Vodafone Germany has announced new business tariff plans called Professional Plus and Mobile Connect, developed specifically for the overseas data communications needs of business customers. These overseas tariffs cover two zones: Europe and the Rest of the World (RoW). The Professional Plus tariffs are targeted at business customers looking to use their smartphones across Europe. The Professional Plus XXL and Premium tariffs offer national voice and data flat-rates plus 60 or 120 inclusive minutes for calls from Germany to Europe, plus 60 or 120 inclusive minutes for use when in Europe. The tariff cost between EUR 84.95 and EUR 109.95 per month with a 24-month contract. The Mobile Connect tariffs are targeted at customers who want to add international mobile data services to their existing mobile contract. Mobile Connect Europe covers Germany and Europe, with Mobile Connect World covering Germany and worldwide. The tariff options are available with a 150 MB or 500 MB data allowance. Customers wanting to use these allowances in Germany or Europe will pay EUR 10 or EUR 20. Customers wanting to use mobile data worldwide will pay an extra EUR 50 or EUR 100 on top of their tariff.

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