Wall Street partners with Etisalat for Managed network, Data Center and security services

etisalatWall Street Exchange, a leading money exchange company in the UAE, has partnered with Etisalat to leverage on the telco’s managed data center and network services, helping them focus on their key business objectives and adapt business changes efficiently across the organisation.

Wall Street Exchange operates across 34 branches in the UAE. The company’s infrastructure comprised of an in-house solution located within the office premises, which managed the entire network. Partnership with Etisalat for Managed WAN services will help the financial organization to meet the growing demands of its business and expand capabilities. It will also help the firm to reduce capital investments and at the same time gain control of the entire architecture.

The central site including Disaster Recovery (DR) is now collocated at Etisalat’s datacenter. The partnership entails that the two central sites and all branches run on Etisalat’s managed WAN service. The other services include Managed Dedicated Internet Access (MDIA) for mission critical applications meeting their uptime and bandwidth commitments and Zee Scaler’s Managed web/email security solution. Sultan Bin Kharsham, Managing Director of Wall Street Exchange said: “As an organization we were looking to make a long term investment to adapt to changes and rapidly decreasing the lead time to market. The partnership with Etisalat gave us access to their national and international high-speed networks and enabled our IT team to focus on the core business.

“In today’s dynamic business environment, the financial sector is vulnerable to market changes which reflect immediately on business performance. Therefore, it has become imperative to make continuous investments in upgrading our infrastructure and integrating the latest technologies in our network.”

Wall Street Exchange hosts the private cloud at Etisalat Data Center in the UAE as the on-demand subscription service. This enables budget control as well as provides business continuity and mobility access without worrying about service availability and outages. Salvador Anglada, Chief Business Officer at Etisalat said, “Our partnership with Wall Street Exchange proves Etisalat’s capabilities to work across verticals and meeting the growing needs of businesses with the latest solutions and technologies. Organisations today realize the relevance of working with service providers in managing their data and networks. We have seen the increasing trend of adopting cloud services and colocation models among enterprises in the country. Our experience with several organizations have encouraged industry peers to follow this development, enabling them to focus on their new business initiatives.” Wall Street Exchange network of branches in the UAE is connected to their central and DR sites via Etisalat’s fully managed MPLS based solution.