Web Alert: Etisalat internet users may suffer over next few days

Alert: Etisalat internet users may suffer over next few daysWork will continue until August 29, UAE telecom operator says Facebook page
If your YouTube stream of the MTV VMAs was on the fritz last evening then don’t throw out that laptop or that router just yet.
UAE telecom giant, Etisalat, has confirmed that unavoidable maintenance work on its ‘internet links’ could cause some fluctuation in the connection or speed.
Issuing a statement on its official Facebook page, Etisalat stated: ‘Due to maintenance work being done on our internet links, some of our eLife internet customers might notice some change on their internet.
‘We apologies [sic] for the inconvenience, our teams are working around the clock to restore normal traffic. We are expecting work to be completed by August 29 or earlier’.
Meanwhile, even as several users have commented that they appreciate being informed by the telecom operator for the internet changes, several others have complained that online gaming platforms have been affected.
Until the maintenance work concludes, we suggest retiring your laptops for a few days and going old school instead by hitting that gym.

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