Windows 10 downloads reached 75m

"Windows 10 downloads touch 75m"Microsoft has announced that its ‘Windows 10’ operating system’s download count has touched 75 million since its launch on 29 July, with numbers continuing to grow every day.

Windows 10 was downloaded on 14 million machines within 24 hours of its launch and reached a peak of 1500 downloads per second in its first week, said a statement from the company.

Microsoft has been rolling out Windows 10 in waves, as a free upgrade for Windows 8 and Windows 7 users, it said.

More than 90,000 unique PCs or tablet models have been upgraded to Windows 10 in 192 countries, nearly every country.

Even some devices manufactured in 2007 have upgraded to Windows 10.

Xbox One owners have streamed nearly 122 years of gameplay to Windows 10 PCs. Windows Store for Windows 10 has seen six times more downloads per device than Windows 8, said the company statement.

Adoption rates are expected to grow further, with Microsoft hoping to have Windows 10 installed on over 1 billion devices in the next two to three years, it added.