Without Monthly Fees and Does Not Require Activation or Set Up STC Continues to Present the Best Soluations

For the 4th year in a row, “My Collect Call Service” has gained wide customer appeal after using the service and making collect calls.  STC launched this service as part of its customer centric strategy, meeting customer requirements, and continuing to develop and upgrade services in order to meet the increasing demands.  My Collect Call Service enables STC customers to make collect calls which are billed to the person called after being notified and accepting to be billed.
The service does not activation or set up and callers can make the call without having credit.  And what makes this service unique is that its free and without any monthly fees.  The service is also available to  post paid Al Jawal customers and pre-paid, SAWA and LANA.  The service is exclusively available to STC customers and is not available during international roaming.
This service enables customers to identify up to 10 numbers maximum to be in the allowed list where the customer can receive  calls from any of the these pre-stored numbers in the “allow and respond” to list with having to wait.  The customer can also control this list with the option to add and delete, show the list with very easy instructions.
The service allows customers to receive calls on their expense when receiving a collect calls where the caller number will appear on the mobile screen and upon answering he will receive a voice message asking him to accept the call by pressing (*) or refusing it by pressing (#).  When accepting one of  the calls on the allow list, the caller number will appear on the screen and when answering he will listen to a voice message showing that the call will be charged to his account without having to press any button.
From time to time, STC launches a series of advanced services and special promotions to meet the changes and challenges in the technology sector as well as cover the needs to fits customers of high quality telecommunications means that are expected from the largest and best telecommunications provider in the region.

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