Zain Bahrain launches ‘Anti-Abusive Words’ SMS service

Zain Bahrain launches ‘Anti-Abusive Words’ SMS serviceZain Bahrain has launched a complimentary ‘Anti-Abusive Words’ SMS service that blocks abusive messages from being sent to a child’s mobile phone.

This service is in line with the National Strategy for Child Online Safety Initiative that was launched by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in association with International Telecommunication Union, said a report.

The ‘anti-spam filtration feature’ offered through the service will recognise abusive words and prevents them from reaching the registered mobile phone number.

“The service is the first to be launched within a series of services aimed at protecting the experience of our children and give parents the comfort of mind,” Zain Bahrain corporate social responsibility manager Pakiza Abdulrahman said.

Parents or children can register by visiting a Zain experience shop, calling 107, or by adding the service online.

Meanwhile, Zain Bahrain has announced its support for the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute’s Research Challenge.

The challenge will take place over the next few months, where students will compete in four teams from different universities.

The teams will analyse Zain Bahrain’s financials whilst being mentored by a professional research analyst.

Towards the end of the programme, each team will write a research report determining the fair value of Zain Bahrain’s shares which will be presented to a panel of judges.

The winning team will compete at the Europe, the Middle East and Africa regional competition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and in Atlanta, Georgia, US.

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