“Assessing the extent to which Etisalat and du are meeting the needs of residential consumers”

As part of its on going work to better understand the views of the consumers of telecommunications services in the UAE, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), supported by the Nielsen Company, is to survey around 2,000 households in 2012.  The fieldwork, to be conducted by Nielsen, will commence today (9 May 2012) and will involve face-to-face interviews with residential consumers.  Interviews will be held in all Emirates.

The TRA and Nielsen appreciate and welcome the support of those residential consumers who are selected to participate in the 2012 residential survey.

The survey questionnaire includes a range of questions which will provide the TRA (and Etisalat and du) with important feedback regarding the views of residential consumers on: the usage of services, the prices charged, the range of services provided, the quality of services provided, and the extent to which the UAE licensees are meeting the needs of residential users and providing value for money.

On completion of the survey, the TRA will publish a full report to detail its results and findings. Results of previous surveys in 2008 and 2010 can be found at http://www.tra.gov.ae/ict_in_uae.php.

Commenting on the survey, HE Majed Al Mesmar, Acting Director General of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority said: “According to the directives of the Board of Directors, this survey is being conducted as an important part of the TRA’s work to monitor the extent to which Etisalat and du are providing services which meet the needs and expectations of the residential users in the UAE.  The TRA urges all of the selected residential consumers to participate fully in the survey and to give honest feedback to the interviewers.  The assistance and information provided by those persons interviewed will show the extent to which the UAE telecommunications sector is developing, and then will assist the TRA to secure its vision of an optimal enabling environment in which the UAE’s ICT sector will emerge as a leader in the global market place”.

To secure the independence and integrity of the survey, persons who work for Etisalat, du or the TRA should not take part in the survey, even if independently selected by Nielsen.