“Marhaba” from STC Allows Discounted International Calls

STC enabled all current and new customers who use Marhaba prepaid cards, to make international calls to whoever they want around the world, at the least prices, 24/7 without any fixed time or waiting for discount hours.

What distinguishes Marhaba card is that it focuses upon customer’s needs, particularly those of low income, to control calls’ expenses while connecting with their relatives throughout the world. Marhaba cards are available and easy to obtain from all outlets throughout the kingdom, which confirms STC keenness to deliver the best services and offers at the lowest cost.

Marhaba card allows customers to manage call charges “ domestic, mobile or international”, from any landline at any time and place this is in addition to more than 3000 public callbox kingdom wise, designed to fit the usage of marhaba card in its different rates “SR 10 – 20 – 50”.

Customers can easily use the prepaid Marhaba card, through landline by calling toll free 8007008000, and entering card number to directly dial the required number without entering international zero.