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“Mobily” finalizes its preparations to serve pilgrims, new outlets opened

Etihad Etisalat (Mobily) said that it has completed its preparations to serve the pilgrims, and has opened various outlets at international airport, sea and land ports  for selling and introducing its e-services. Mobily, also, set up a number of outlets abroad for the same purposes in some Islamic and Arab countries including Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Humoud Al Ghobaini,  Vice President for Communications and Public Relations in  “Mobily”,  pointed out that Mobily’s preparations to serve the pilgrims has started immediately after last year’s Hajj season. He further asserted that the opening of new outlets and new branches to sell and introduce Mobily services in  Makkah and Madinah emphasizes Mobily devotion to be as close as possible to subscribers and pilgrims.

Al Ghobaini noted that three outlets have been set at King Abdulaziz International Airport and seven outlets in Makkah that will be working  around-the-clock to serve pilgrims at any time, asserting that “Mobily” is the first communication company to open outlets abroad to introduce its service to the  pilgrims prior to their arrival to the Holy sites.

Mobily outlets offer all types of services needed by pilgrims including selling new postpaid and prepaid mobile lines, “Rihal” package, which  is dedicated to pilgrims, along with charging cards, in addition to “Connect” for  Internet service which  “Mobily” offers the pilgrims at the Holy sites to facilitate their communication  with their families.

In addition to its usual services, Mobily will distribute various kinds of giveaways to the pilgrims such as umbrellas, water bottles and bags. “Mobily” services during last Hajj seasons were highly admired and praised by the pilgrims, keeping in mind that, year after year, Mobily’s network is experiencing a steady increase in traffic on data and phone calls inside the holy sites, .

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