2nd Global 5G Technology Congress kicks off in Shanghai

The 5th generation of mobile technology (5G) is positioned to address the demands and business contexts of 2020 and beyond. It will enable a fully mobile and connected society that is characterized by a tremendous growth in connectivity, traffic density and volume as well as a broad range of use cases and business models. We will witness Ultra-High Capacity Broadband experience; Smart Homes & Cities; Medical & Emergency Response; Auto-Driving in the near future.

After tremendous success in 2016, 5GTC 2017 returns to the Shanghai on 19 July – 21 July 2017; and, we are expecting more than 500 attendees from more than 50 countries.

This years event will include a conference programme and a series of focused summits for industry leaders to demonstrate leadership, share insights and networking. 5G Technology Congress 2017 has one main congress and four sub-forum, the 2017 congress will have the following topics under discussion:

【July 19, 2017】

Main Congress: International Cooperation on 5G standards, Spectrum policy, Operators’ views towards 5G, 5G field trials and etc..

【July 20, 2017】

5GTC: New Network Architecture (Network Slicing, SDN, 5G NR, Mobile core, etc)

5GTC: Vertical Application (Auto-driving and etc)

5GTC: Testing & Measurement (Massive MIMO, mmWave, OTA and etc)

5GTC: Academy Seminar

【July 21, 2017】

Site Visiting & Field Trials

Location: Shanghai