Alcatel-Lucent intros data centre solution

Alcatel-Lucent has released a new network architecture for the data centres which allows users to directly connect top-of-rack switches without needing the core switch for server-to-server traffic, says Datacenter Dynamics.

The architecture also brings together more than 14 000 server 10G ports using only two core switches as part of a new fabric.

Alcatel-Lucent says its new data centre switching solution allows the network to be virtualised, using what it calls a “mesh” and “pod” solution, the pod being based on its OmniSwitch 6900 for connecting the switches and the mesh allowing data center pods to connect across multiple sites.

The Connected Planet reveals that specifically, Alcatel-Lucent’s new data centre switching solution is designed to enable the management of applications as a service across a range of data centre deployment models, including multi-site data centres, dedicated departmental or workgroup virtual data centres, and hybrid environments that can integrate service provider offerings.

According to Light Reading Europe, the fabric connections will use a protocol called shortest path bridging (SPB).

SPB is already used by service providers in wide-area networks, according to Cliff Grossner, Alcatel-Lucent director of product marketing.

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