Alcatel-Lucent, Oni partners to establish 100G connection over the fibre-optic network

The new network links Lisbon, Portugal and Badajoz, Spain Mobile, fixed, IP and optics technologies firm Alcatel-Lucent and communication services provider Oni has partnered to

establish a superfast 100 Gigabit-per second-connection over the fibre-optic network linking Lisbon, Portugal and Badajoz,


To establish the new network, Alcatel-Lucent has upgraded Oni Communications’ Lisbon-Badajoz link, which was already

supporting 10G channels, to 100G.

Under the project, Oni Communications is provided with with Alcatel-Lucent’s 1626 Light Manager enhanced with 100G next-

generation coherent technology through the 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS).

Alcatel-Lucent’s single carrier 100G optical coherent technology is designed to address demand for more bandwidth and the

technology increases the traffic handling capacity of the fibre-optic link, while simultaneously reducing operations and

maintenance costs and lowering power consumption.

The new offering implemented is part of Alcatel-Lucent’s Converged Backbone Transformation Solution, domain of the

Alcatel-Lucent High Leverage Network (HLN) architecture, which is designed to slash transport costs and reduce operational

complexity in core networks.

Oni Communications Board Member Ilídio Cardoso said making the most Oni’s existing fibre-optic networks is extremely

important, as the network allows Oni to address exploding traffic growth.

“Taking advantage of Alcatel-Lucent’s leading technology and expertise in 100G, we have been able to demonstrate our

position as a key innovator in the Portuguese telecom market,” said Cardoso.

Alcatel-Lucent Portugal Business head António Beato Teixeira said Oni Communications is continually investing in new

capabilities to strengthen its position in the Iberia Region.

“Our longstanding partnership positions us side-by-side with an operator that has carved a remarkable path of progress

over a decade, making important contributions to the development of the telecommunications sector in the country. We are

fully committed to support the evolution of Oni’s network, enabling them to deliver the most advanced, highest quality

business services to their customers,” said Beato Teixeira.

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