Apple’s iPhone 5s beats Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UAE – and globally

Apple’s iPhone 5s beats Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UAE – and globallyApple has done it again. Its latest flagship model the iPhone 5s has scored over the Samsung Galaxy S4 both in terms of what people are searching for online, as well as in terms of actual sales numbers.

According to the latest Google analysis, more people in the UAE searched for Apple’s iPhone 5s compared to Samsung.

While the iPhone 5s ranked No. 2, following Ramadan 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4 was not far behind and was placed third on the list. No other tech companies or products feature in the UAE list of top 10 searched queries on Google.

And if you think the trend is only limited to the UAE, here’s some news. Apple continued to do well even on the global list, making it to the third spot among the top 10 searches. On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 features at No. 8 globally while PlayStation 4 emerged as the ninth most searched item worldwide.

Apple’s success is not limited to public interest alone. Latest sales figure point out that the iPhone 5s has exceeded the Galaxy S4 in sales worldwide as per figures for October 2013.

Technology research site Counterpoint maintains Apple’s iPhone 5s continued to be the bestselling phone globally during October, and points out that iPhone sales are slated to increase further.

“iPhone 5s sales saw an upward sales momentum as Apple continued expansive roll-out for its flagship model thus further widening the gap with its arch rival’s flagship model Samsung’s Galaxy S4. Apple’s iPhone 5s topped the best-seller’s list despite the component shortages causing long waiting periods in several channels. However, we expect supply constraints to ease resulting in supply to meet a relatively stronger demand in November and December,” the report said.

The iPhone 5s continued to do better than Samsung in the US and maintain its leadership position in the Japanese smartphone market during October. Apple’s smartphone marketshare climbed to 12 per cent mark in China in October.

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