Ayaadi Etisalat Rewards Winners of ‘Aks’ Online Photography Competition

Etisalat’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Ayaadi, awarded winners of the ‘Aks’ online photography competition launched earlier this month in celebration of the UAE’s 41st National Day. The prize ceremony took place at Etisalat’s building in Al Kifaf, where the top three winners got the chance to display their winning pictures.

The ‘Aks’ photography competition was based on a cultural, historical theme and organized by Ayaadi Etisalat to engage the public in promoting the UAE’s culture, to stimulate the thoughts of the youth and motivate them to learn more about the nation’s heritage. It created a platform that allowed participants to express their patriotic feelings through creative photography. Etisalat invited participants to post their photos on Ayaadi’s Facebook page. The winning post was decided by the highest number of public votes received during two weeks of the competition.

Two of the winning pictures were of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Winners Abdul Rehman Qureshi, Ali Qassim Askari and Sridhar Vuppulooti got the highest votes on Ayaadi Etisalat’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/ayaadietisalat. The competition also invited participants to post pictures on Ayaadi’s facebook page in response to questions on the page.  The images posted on the page were up for voting by the public for two weeks.

Amal Al Koos – Director of Ayaadi at Etisalat, said, “Photography as an art form has large number of enthusiasts and fans, especially amongst the youth. Ayaadi is committed to give the new generation  opportunities to express their love for the UAE and social media is an ideal way to reach out to them. Therefore, as part of the 41st National Day celebration, we launched the competition for the youth to get involved with the nation’s heritage and at the same time, have fun while exploring their creative side.”

Ayaadi, launched in 2011 by Etisalat, is the caring arm of Etisalat and its corporate social responsibility initiative. Throughout the past year Ayaadi Etisalat represented a platform for national socially aware projects that seek to achieve significant objectives. Its strategic objectives are geared towards achieving sustainable growth for the UAE community through the provision of technology solutions in the education sector and other social sectors. The initiative also seeks to raise awareness of various socially relevant issues among individuals and institutions, and encourages them to contribute to voluntary work in line with their experience.