Batelco and Bahrain International Motor Show Organisers Sign Partnership Agreement

Batelco Manager Al Dana Telemarketing Rahna Karashi, 3rd from right, and BIMS Chief Executive Wassim Farhoud, 2nd from right following the signing of the partnership, with Batelco marketing Manager Dina Jamal, left, BIMS Marketing & Public Relations Senay Dincsoy, 2nd from left and Batelco Youth Segment Marketing Manager Mohd Abdulaal, right

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading telecommunications provider, in line with its commitment to support community events, has entered into a strategic partnership with the organisers of the 4th Bahrain International Motor Show (BIMS). The major event will take place at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) from 12 to 14 December, 2013.

Batelco has previously held two very successful motor shows at its Headquarters and the Company is well known for its support of the motor industry, being a key partner of the BIC since its inception and sponsoring Batelco Racing which has achieved many podium finishes in the local, regional and international arena.

The Bahrain International Motor Show is expected to attract a wide range of vehicles including modern and vintage cars, super cars and custom cars. A commercial vehicle section, comprising of vans, trucks, busses and construction vehicles, has been added. Additionally, the motorbike section has been expanded to become the Bahrain International Motor Bike Show in order to accommodate more bikes, including performance bikes.

Visitors will be able to fully experience the show throughout the Bahrain International Circuit through live streaming taking place on several screens across the venue, with Batelco’s 4G LTE service providing smooth data transfer.

With the expertise and resources of both partners combined, the 4th Bahrain International Motor Show intends to break through the barrier of being a local show. At the signing ceremony at Batelco Headquarters in Hamala recently, the CEO of the Bahrain International Motor Show Wassim Farhoud said that the partnership with Batelco is sure to take the event to the next level.

“We are united by our mutual love for motorsports, our high standards and our commitment to excellence. Our talks with Batelco have shown that our intentions for the BIMS and our visions for Bahrain are perfectly aligned. Batelco appreciates the way BIMS has developed over the years, and we are fortunate to have such professional and constructive partners. Together, we look forward to building a legacy in regional and global motorsports,” said Mr. Farhoud.

Batelco Group General Manager Media Relations Ahmed Al Janahi said that Batelco was a very keen supporter of motor sports events which provide great opportunities for participants along with fun and entertainment for the general public.

“Our previous Batelco Motor Show was a great success and we are now delighted to enter into an agreement with the organisers of the Bahrain International Motor Show to build on that success,” he added.

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