Batelco Announces Extra Benefits for Broadband Customers

Higher Speed & Higher Usage with NO Increase in Price

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading Broadband services provider is delighted to announce its best news so far this year for its Broadband internet customers. Subscribers who sign a one year contract for their Batelco Broadband package will benefit from higher speed or  higher threshold usage depending on their package, with no change in the rates they already pay. The fantastic new Broadband packages are available for all new as well as existing customers.

The great new deals are available for all Batelco’s Broadband packages priced at BD15 and above. Customers who already subscribe to Batelco’s BD15/1MB Package can benefit from a boost in speed of up to 3MB under the new deal, while subscribers to the current 2MB and 4MB Packages can enjoy a boost in  speed up to 6MB and 8MB respectively.

Similarly, customers who subscribe to Batelco’s top three packages will beneift from a big increase to their usage thresholds. Customers who subscribe to Batelco’s  8MB/60GB, 10MB/80GB and 16MB/100GB Consumer Broadband Packages now have the option to increase their usage threshold to 90GB, 120GB and 150GB respectively and download to their heart’s content at their top speed, for no additional cost.

Additionally, as a further enhancement, the throttle speed of the BD15 and BD20 packages will be increased from 256Kb and 512Kb respectively to a fantastic 1MB, meaning all subscribers to these packages will benefit from unlimited usage with a mimumun speed of up to 1MB.

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