Batelco Bahrain wins inaugural Link2One Roaming connector Award

Link2One, the leading multilateral roaming hub provider, has announced that it has awarded Batelco, Bahrain’s preeminent telecommunications company, with its inaugural Roaming Connector award. The award was granted to Batelco in recognition of its efforts to drive usage of the Link2One roaming hub, thereby maximising roaming revenues for both organisations. Batelco Bahrain currently holds the position as Link2One’s largest partner in terms of roaming relationships, having established 486 roaming relationships across its three different services – voice, GPRS and CAMEL.

Ralf Weigand, General Manager at Link2One, commented: “Link2One is the fastest growing roaming hub in the industry, making more than 1000 new live roaming connections every month. This is largely down to the efforts of partners such as Batelco. Through its exceptional work over the past year, Batelco has contributed considerably to the success of Link2One, helping to establish us as a major force in international roaming. This award is recognition of the work it has done, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration well into the future.”

Badriya Fakhro, Senior Product Marketing Manager, International Roaming at Batelco commented: “We view our partnership with Link2One as mutually beneficial. We are extremely pleased to have received recognition for the work we have done in maximising the Link2One hub for our business.”

Roaming is a vital part of any operator’s revenue, but often establishing and operating multilateral roaming agreements can be too time consuming and costly for an operator to bear alone. With Link2One, the process of setting up and managing roaming agreements is greatly simplified, driving down operational expenses and allowing mobile network operators to grow coverage rapidly.

Link2One was established as a joint venture between Telefonica and roaming specialist MACH in order to remove the complexity and challenges of providing maximum roaming coverage for voice services, CAMEL, GPRS and 3G. Access to a multilateral roaming hub, such as that provided by Link2One, provides a cost effective and simple solution for operators looking to expand their roaming coverage rapidly and cost-effectively.

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