Batelco empowering businesses with its cloud platform

"batelco logo"Bahrain’s leading telecommunicaions operator Batelco is now offering services on cloud-based solutions, to empower businesses to digitise their processes and improve operational efficiencies.
It is the first in the kingdom to provide such services, where customers interested are invited to request a cloud experience, said a statement.
The firm has a team of technical experts offering cloud consultation services for both small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and for large corporations, it said.
The experts are available to customise innovative solutions for businesses to enhance their digitisation efforts.
The operator’s comprehensive cloud portfolio boasts a range of services for enterprises such as ‘Cloud eCommerce’, ‘Security as a Service’, ‘Software as a Service’, ‘Cloud Infrastructure as a Service’, and ‘Cloud Collaboration Services.’
The services are solidified by Batelco’s acclaimed information and communication technology (ICT) services.
To suit the organisations’ diverse needs, Batelco offers enterprises the ability to fully customise the specifications for these services, as well as store any data they deem necessary.