Batelco Introduces Unlimited Weekends Broadband

Batelco, Bahrain’s leading ISP has enhanced its Consumer Broadband portfolio to offer its customers the ultimate Broadband experience. Residential Broadband subscribers can now customize their broadband packages to enjoy unlimited usage during the weekends by subscribing to the unlimited weekends bundle.

Subscribers to the Unlimited Weekends bundle will be eligible for unlimited usage every Friday and Saturday and any usage over these two days will not be deducted from their regular monthly threshold limit. Additionally, if their regular threshold has been fully used leading to the account being throttled, the speed will be reset to the maximum download speed as part of the Unlimited Weekends deal. This great offer will allow Broadband subscribers to enjoy fast connections during the weekend to enjoy downloading movies, streaming videos & online gaming without any restrictions.

Batelco has a wide selection of Residential Broadband Packages starting from as low as 640Kbps and going as high as 16Mbps. Any of the packages may be combined with the unlimited weekends bundle for as low as BD1.5 per month which will be charged in addition to the standard package monthly rental.

The following table shows the Unlimited Weekend rates per Broadband package:-

    8Mbps(90 GB)


    8Mbps(25 GB)


    Broadband Package
    BD18 BD15 BD10 BD10 BD8 BD3.50 BD2 BD1.5 Unlimited Weekends Bolt-on

For example customers subscribed to the BD 10 2GB/640Kbps package can enjoy unlimited usage all day Friday and Saturday for only BD11.500 (BD10 + BD1.5). Please visit www.batelco.com for the full list of options and rates which can be added whenever required by visiting any batelco retail shop or calling 196.

Batelco Group General Manager Media Relations Ahmed Al Janahi said that with the evolution of the internet, subscribers are now increasingly engaged in online activities and applications which utilises greater bandwidth.

“This bandwidth requirement is increasing at an extremely rapid pace and is likely to continue increasing as more advanced applications are introduced. Batelco has therefore designed and developed the optional Unlimited Weekends bolt on to benefit customers during the weekends when many customers spend their free time online,” he said.

“Enrich your weekend for as little as BD1.500 and enjoy your online activities such as streaming and gaming with no restrictions at full speed, only available with Batelco,” added Mr. Al Janahi.

Customers are invited to visit Batelco’s website, batelco.com, or any of Batelco’s Retail Shops for more information about the many options available as part of Batelco’s Broadband experience.

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