Bharti Airtel revises some postpaid mobile rates from Sept 8

Bharti Airtel revises some postpaid mobile rates from Sept 8 Some postpaid customers of Bharti Airtel, the country’s largest telecom operator, will have to pay up to 50 per cent more for making calls from September 8.

In a message to postpaid customers registered under Advantage 199, one of its per-minute billing plans, Airtel said the “bill plan for your Airtel mobile…will change effective 8-Sep-13.”

Local and STD rates of 50 paise per minute to Airtel mobiles will be increased to 60 paise, while calls to landlines will go up to 90 paise per minute from 60 paise. An Airtel spokesperson said the tariff revision is on account of changes made earlier in some plans, which are being implemented now.

“There has been no change in headline tariffs. Earlier this year, the benefits offered in some promotional plans were revised. Some customers are getting notified now as per the schedule, which is in compliance with TRAIguidelines for such revisions of promotional tariffs,” the spokesperson said.

Mobile call rates have increased by as much as 100 per cent over the past two years and have become more frequent after the number of telecom operators was reduced following licence cancellation by the Supreme Court in 2012.

Basic call rates, or headline tariffs, at present range between 90 paise and Rs 1.20 per minute.

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