C Square Consulting launches another Call Center for Orange Telecom in Congo!!

After their numerous recent successes, Orange Telecom, in collaboration with C Square Consulting Pakistan, is all set to launch another call center in Congo.

C Square Pakistan was taken on board to handle the End-to-End Call Center deployment since they already have an immense and intimate experience of call centers and were therefore able to likewise consult and implement a state of the art call center for Orange. The project will not only boast of using the world’s number 1 technology equipment, but will also have 120 blended seats, operate in six languages, involve the usage of analytics using Infomart Insight, have an open architecture, SIP, and be easily available to customers and clients. It will also have a Genesys Interaction Workspace and a C-Square Analytical Wallboard.

The features are especially important to a world-class operator such as France Telecom rebranded as Orange Telecom company since they are already functioning in 33 countries. In the international market, the company’s name alone embodies the Group’s core values and commitment to connecting the largest number of audience to the digital universe creating a powerful and differentiating asset that unifies the image of the enterprise around the world.

The team at C Square Consulting has already also been involved at Orange DRC from the Requirement Gathering Phase to the Successful Launch of the Orange Telecom Call Center. In its promise to provide better and consistent service to its customers, Orange Telecom DRC plans to start Multimedia and Social Media Platform implementation in the next phase with C Square Consulting.