"Dr. Walid Moneimne, CEO & Founding Partner, Aspenta Interview"

Cross border tracking made simple

Aspenta’s solutions act as borderless location trackers for personal and professional use with no contracts and no roaming fees. Dr. Walid Moneimne, CEO & Founding Partner, Aspenta speaks with Teletimes International team at GITEX 2015 about the company and its solutions.

Interview – Gulraiz Khalid, Toby Ruckert


Gulraiz Khalid: Can you please tell us about Aspenta and it’s vision?

Aspenta TrackersWalid Moneimne: Aspenta is a fully licensed US Mobile Operator and our speciality is the Internet of Things (IoT). Aspenta aims to transform business models through the development of customizable mobile technology solutions that are easy to implement and use, have international reach without added fees, and enhance security and reliability.


We basically, through our license and our technology, have direct and/or indirect agreements to have coverage with 650 operators worldwide in about 200 countries. We have proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for m2m devices. We also have a patented technology in telecom HLR and we are also working in SIM technology. We are building various products and solutions for direct customers and for the enterprise OEM market.

GK: What type of solutions is Aspenta providing?

WM: The Aspenta product portfolio covers both consumer and enterprise sectors including fleet tracking and logistics management solutions, customizable and scalable IoT platform, remote gateways, global roaming voice, data and m2m SIM cards, and consumer tracking devices. Aspenta’s goal is to transform business models and improve consumers’ daily lives whenthey are on the move through the development of products that provide peace of mind, value proposition and efficient, easy-to-use technology with an international reach.

"Aspenta Interview-Teletimes"So for example if somebody comes to us and says I need a device for tracking that has to go to Rome and it needs to be alive for a hundred days and has to report once a day etc. We are able to build that device according to the specifications along with the software and the connectivity. We have the complete package and we are able to provide this at a very low cost. In fact, we almost sell at a local cost with free roaming worldwide. If we talk about a vehicle tracker for personal use, we are able to sell that for 3 dollars per month for unlimited use worldwide including free roaming across the border.

We build products that come connected and software-ready out of the box, and can be enabled anywhere immediately.

Aspenta Deck1GK: Could you give us some more details into the location services and telemetry solutions you are providing through Vectu?

WM: Depending on what product you use and how it is configured, which I might add is very easy to do, we are able to provide different utility such as locating people, locating vehicles and Telemetry solutions.


Locating People

Our devices are easily configured for the type of usage. We can provide devices that can be carried in a bag or a back-pocket so that the person is being tracked and it can ring an alarm if the settings are set accordingly, for example you might not want a small kid to wander off so in case they go far away, the device will trigger an alarm. Our device can also be configured as a portable emergency response locator.

In this mode, it will never transmit nor record your location unless you require assistance. So if in need of help during an emergency, a person can press the button and the device starts transmitting the signals.

"Walid Woneimne CEO-Aspenta interview with teletimes at GITEX 2015"Locating Vehicles

We have Portable Vehicle Trackers and also installed Vehicle Tracker as Internal Atenna. As I have mentioned, our device is very easy to use. By answering a few simple questions, you can quickly configure how the device will be used and who should be alerted in the event of a problem.  You may choose to share your location information, under what circumstances, and with whom. The auto-arming feature means that as long as you are away, the car is armed.


Aspenta also provides a Wireless Gateway for Remote Management. Aspenta’s Vectu Gate is a Digital I/O Gateway offering complete remote management solutions allowing you to monitor, control and analyze functioning and operation of remote equipment and company assets.   With Vectu Gate you can wirelesslyswitch on/off street lights, monitor warnings and alarms (pressure in a pipe, temperature, water levels), control any digitally controllable machinery, start or stop a generator and much more. Vectu Gate can be used anywhere where remote control and monitoring processes are needed.

Toby Ruckert: Where do you think lies your core strength?

WM: Our core competence lies in the integration of the entire solution – in the ability to provide one solution that comes connected out of the box. An IOT solution needs to be an integrated solution. You cannot just do the roaming and say I’m waiting to see how things go, you have to participate, and that is why we developed all the building blocks for hardware and all the building blocks for software. I’ll give you an example, last month one company needed an IOT device and they made requirement of ten different things. We were able to provide them a prototype that was not part of our product line in less than a month. Aspenta Deck2They tested it and came back with a very large unit order based on that. So, we created almost a customized solution but one that can be repeatable.


The phenomenon with IoT is that if customization is 90%, it’s always a new project which means more time and higher costs. We tried to create the platform, hardware and software so that customization is only 10%.

This way, it is profitable for the customer and much faster for us to do.

TR: Where do you see the future? Do you see the future in your own primary products and solutions or in continuing in the OEM space?

WM:The market is estimated to be at 2.5 billion connected devices by 2020. So there is enough place for everybody to participate. What we believe is that the solution we have for the industry focused on worldwide connectivity is going to apply to any product or solution and the demand for our solutions will only increase, both for our direct consumers and in the OEM space as well. We have integrated everything into one solution out of the box which helps getting high quality and low cost together that will benefit all types of customers. So for us, the future is very bright, and we will continue to operate in the same way looking forward to good things ahead of us.

Editor’s note:

Derived from the phrase “Ubiquitous Location Awareness”, Aspenta’s unique location technology combines the best of GSM triangulation (to work anywhere) with GPS location (for pinpoint accuracy) to provide you with the most consistent and reliable location possible.  Even inside a building, parking garage, or under a bridge.

The best part about Aspenta is the ability to provide a ready-to-use product at the lowest possible costs. The solutions are easily configured, can be bought in few units or thousands as well. Aspenta is able to fulfill large orders in short times due to this ease in configuration.

The ability to configure also enables tackling different needs and requirements quite easily with less physical customization. So, all in all, the fulfillment of all user requirements, the ease of use, shorter lead times and low costs combined make Aspenta one of the best IoT solutions that are available in the market today.