China Mobile and Huawei demo TD-LTE over 3.3 to 3.4-GHz

China Mobile and Huawei have completed the first live demonstration of an end-to-end TD-LTE system operating over the 3.3-GHz to 3.4-GHz frequency bands.

The demonstration, conducted at the Global TD-LTE Initiative workshop in Shanghai, used a network incorporating modified commercial Huawei 3.5-GHz TD-LTE products.

At WRC-15 in November last year, contiguous 300 MHz C-Band spectrum was marked for 4G use in 45 countries in regions including APAC, Africa and Latin America.

All commercial systems that operate on the C-Band currently incorporate TD-LTE technologies for improved spectral efficiency in high frequency bands. Some countries as well as The China Communication Standards Association are also promoting allocating the 3.3-GHz to 3.4-GHz band for TD-LTE use.

“GTI is committed to the advancement of consistent C-Band spectrum planning around the world, and the 3.5 GHz Interest Group established in 2013 has quickly accelerated industry chain maturity,” Huawei said in a statement announcing the demonstration.

“More than 40 global operators, with over 60 commercial terminal models, currently integrate commercial and pre-commercial network deployments on the 3.5 GHz band. GTI will continue to cooperate with global industry partners to promote C-Band TDD-oriented planning and contribute to further implementation at the national level and into the international standardized organization 3GPP specifications.”