Comba Telecom announces positive annual results for 2015: Net profit up 40.9%

Comba Telecom has announced that the group recorded a net profit of HK$ 213 million, up 40.9%, for the year ending December 31, 2015.


Tony TL Fok, Chairman – Comba Telecom

Tony TL Fok, Chairman of Comba Telecom, commented, “Despite global economic uncertainties, the group remains cautiously optimistic about the prospects of the mobile telecommunications industry, which is relatively less susceptible to transitory uncertainties in view of solid demand, underpinned by the uninterrupted expansion of the subscriber base, the greater demand for superior data services driven by rapid migration to mobile broadband and the evolution of the vibrant digital economy. The group will closely monitor market changes and adjust strategies in a timely manner. In addition, we will prudently evaluate appropriate investment and collaboration opportunities.”

As per Comba, 2015’s positive results come on the back of the continuous 4G network build-outs following the issuance of LTE FDD licenses in Mainland China and the growing demand for mobile network solutions in the global market. The positive results have also been attributed to an increase in gross profit by 8.8% to HK$1,914 million and an increase in gross profit margin by 28.3%, mainly due to lower production costs as a result of the enhanced production system.


Eldynero Santos, General Manager – Comba Telecom ME

“Comba’s positive results in 2015, and the growth it has experienced, are further compounded by the increase in the uptake of Comba’s solutions in the Middle East. The region’s growing needs – be it in terms of intelligent indoor coverage or seamless solutions to increase network capacity– has resulted in this increased demand. Our in-building solutions have proved extremely popular, and we see this growth continuing into 2016,” said Eldynero Santos, General Manager for Comba Telecom Middle East.

With respect to its core business, encouraging progress has been achieved in winning sizeable in-building projects for key commercial buildings, regional conferences and exhibitions during the year in both domestic and overseas markets. Moreover, certain of the group’s wireless equipment has been successfully included in the main vendor list of the mobile network operators, evidence of the growing importance of wireless equipment in the mobile network supply chain. In addition, Comba Telecom has again been named global ‘Tier 1 Supplier’ for bas station antennas.