Connectiva Systems Launches Cloud Services for Telecom Analytics Applications (US)

Connectiva Systems, Inc., a leading provider of revenue optimization solutions, today announced it has launched ConnectivaCloudTM, a portfolio of hosted analytics applications for the telecom industry, accessible as a service over the cloud.

“Operators are increasingly demanding revenue management and customer experience monitoring solutions to be delivered as a service”

ConnectivaCloudTM makes available “on demand” the entire suite of Connectiva’s analytics platform and applications including revenue assurance, fraud management and customer experience management. ConnectivaCloud TM is also the first solution in the industry to be structured as an outcome centric offering that seamlessly blends cloud services, business consulting and managed services to deliver targeted business outcomes across the entire revenue value chain and the end-to-end customer life cycle.

ConnectivaCloud TM provides several benefits to the operator including:

* Can be accessed from any device anywhere with a web browser for a fixed cost per month
* Eliminates costly upfront investments in software and hardware and helps realize business value faster
* A la carte selection and delivery of coverage areas and business outcomes across multiple domains
* Flexibility to start small and add additional coverage areas progressively over time
* Leverage Connectiva’s rich domain expertise and managed services capabilities to outsource and automate core operational activities
* Utilize Connectiva’s world class data centers around the world with unparalleled security, reliability, availability and redundancy

“Service providers are relentlessly seeking new ways to increase revenues and customer satisfaction while at the same time optimizing Capex,” said Avi Basu, President and CEO of Connectiva Systems. “ConnectivaCloud TM gives operators the flexibility and capabilities to effectively monitor, manage and monetize their revenue and customer data.”

“Operators are increasingly demanding revenue management and customer experience monitoring solutions to be delivered as a service,” said Dan Baker, Research Director at TRI, a leading analyst firm in telecom software. “The shift to cloud computing is a significant and exciting trend and vendors like Connectiva are well placed to capitalize on this market opportunity.”

Connectiva is a trusted analytics partner for over 45 carriers across 25 countries.

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About Connectiva Systems

Connectiva Systems is a revenue optimization software company whose solutions enable telecom, media and utility companies to reduce revenue leakage, minimize fraud, lower churn, improve operational effectiveness and increase overall profitability.

Leading global service providers ranging from 2 million to 100+ million subscribers and in a variety of segments across mobile, cable, wireline and business services have partnered with Connectiva to deliver more than $ 500 m in value. Connectiva has won numerous awards and has been consistently recognized as a thought leader in revenue management.

Headquartered in New York City, the company is privately held and has offices in Bonn, Kolkata, Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, London, Manama, Mexico City, New Delhi and Singapore.

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