SAMENA Council announces “Convergence to Kuwait” Regional Conference

SAMENA Telecommunications Council will hold its Convergence series of conferences this year in Kuwait on December 4th, 2017. To be conducted with patronage provided by Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority of Kuwait, CITRA, and hosted by Kuwait’s leading telecom operator, VIVA Kuwait, “Convergence to Kuwait” will corroborate the need to engage stakeholders and delineate the roles that now need to be played by policy-makers, regulators, telecom operators, and private-sector alike.


Eng. Salim Muthib Al-Ozainah, Chairman and CEO, CITRA

The agenda of Convergence to Kuwait is aligned with and will be in continuation of SAMENA Council’s earlier conferences and decision-makers’ events, held earlier this year. Underlying objective of Convergence to Kuwait conference is to help collectively realize that it is now crucial to take lead on important industry and national matters and collaborate to allow the industry as well as the national economy to continually foster and benefit from innovation across all fronts and facets of development.

Mr. Bocar BA, CEO and member of the Board of Directors, has stated that “Industry stakeholders are amidst a myriad of opportunities and challenges that are associated with national and regional-level digital development. Commitments to make better use of ICTs, to achieve unique socio-economic advantages, and to make progress toward the fulfillment of sustainable development agenda, require productive and sustained dialogue. As SAMENA Council believes in continuous sustainable dialogue, Convergence is an important part of what we have strived toward throughout 2017 and will aim for in 2018 as we address the issues and challenges associated with digital services, data regulation, spectrum management, and industry fees.”

Convergence to Kuwait’s tentative agenda focuses on Regulatory Transformation for Fulfilling the Digital Agenda, Stakeholder Preparation for the 5G World and Harmonizing Efforts in Terrestrial, Satellite, Regulatory Co-operation, and Public Policy Considerations for OTTs.

To encourage participation in building onto this agenda, SAMENA Council openly invites private-sector players to participate in Convergence.