CTO-Ventures Launches ‘Nomad’ – A Global Internet Access SIM

London-based Commonwealth organisation, CTO-Ventures Limited, has announced the launch of a global Internet Access SIM, ‘Nomad’. Launched in time for the festive season, `Nomad’ is designed for anyone travelling internationally, and meets the roaming needs of both business travellers and holiday-makers. Nomad provides international wireless data services that can be used on over 630 networks across the world.

Speaking on the launch of the Nomad global SIM, Bashir Patel, CEO of CTO Ventures Limited, said, “Having been in the business of ICTs, we understand the needs of the people, be it professional, government officials or leisure-travellers, they all want to remain connected when they are outside their jurisdictions especially through their smart phones, laptop or tablets. Nomad is a product that is specifically designed for this international roaming community. You can use it for instant data communications access and be assured of a guaranteed tariff plan. Moreover, our flat rate tariffs are much lower than international roaming rates. There are no complicated set-up processes, no hidden costs or data caps. Just simple plug and use as long as you are within the coverage of our networks.”

Nomad offers a suite of customised packages and has two distinct and simple price plans – a variable rate plan starting with $1.50 in over forty countries and a fixed rate of $4.50 for any network in the rest of the world. In addition, travellers can subscribe and buy $50 or $100 dollar packages online. The Nomad High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) modems are compatible with any 2G/3G network and has a high-bandwidth connection of up to 7.2 Mb/s downlink. An optional dongle with self-installing communication software features are also provided with Nomad services.

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