du’s sustainability efforts recognised with CSR Label from Dubai Chamber

Second CSR Label received by du in light of sustainability efforts

du is proud to announce that it has been presented with a second CSR Label from Dubai Chamber. The recognition was presented to Osman Sultan, CEO, du, by Hamad Buamim, Director General, Dubai Chamber, in the presence of several senior Executive Management members from du, during a ceremony held at Dubai Chamber.

Dubai Chamber awards the CSR Label to companies in recognition of their efforts towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and the levels of commitment demonstrated to continuing best CSR practices. As a responsible company, du has incorporated sustainability, including CSR, into the core of its business; this marks the second time that Dubai Chamber has bestowed the CSR Label on the telecom, following the initial award in 2011.

“We are honoured to have our efforts towards sustainability recognised once again by Dubai Chamber. As a responsible company we recognise our accountability towards our community, environment and country, and we are dedicated to improving all three in the best ways that we can to ensure a positive, sustainable future for the UAE,” said Sultan.

In comparison to its 2011 certification, du achieved a 9.6% increase in its score, exceeding the CSR Label winners’ average score in all four categories – Environment, Workplace, Marketplace and Community. The telecom’s strongest area was Marketplace, in which it achieved 80% of the possible score, an increase of 19% in comparison to 2011. Community was the second strongest area, with an increase of 10.7% in comparison to 2011, followed by Workplace and Environment.

du’s brand message, ‘add life to life’, expresses a shared sense of responsibility for the company’s role in sustainable development within its business. The telecom sees its roadmap to sustainable growth through integrity, transparency and behaving responsibly in all that it does.

Since inception, du has focused strongly on being a leader in the areas specifically addressed by the CSR Label; workplace, marketplace, community and environment. By having a positive impact in these areas, the company is able to uphold its desire to be a sustainable business, and is constantly making improvements to be a strong influencer on the UAE’s sustainable future.

The Dubai Chamber CSR Label has been designed to provide a diagnostic framework, learning and development tool that will help to refine and improve CSR strategy, policies and practice in the UAE. It provides a clear voluntary standard for CSR implementation in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE; reviews, evaluates and gives feedback on companies’ CSR strategy and actions, and provides the ability for companies to communicate better with stakeholders about their CSR commitment and practice.