du announces in-house contest to celebrate the UAE’s 41st National Day

Contest amongst employees under the theme of ‘Proud of the UAE’s culture’
In celebration of the UAE’s 41st National Day, du has announced the launch of an in-house, interdepartmental contest. Under the theme ‘Proud of the UAE’s culture’, the competition encourages du employees to decorate their division to demonstrate their patriotism and pride in the UAE.

The contest falls under the umbrella of du’s National Day initiatives, which aim to spur national pride amongst people in the UAE.

Each department within du will have the opportunity to demonstrate its creativity and research talent, by decorating designated chill out areas, desks – and even themselves – to reflect a unique element of Emirati culture.

Entries will be judged on the educational element of their feature, based on new information shared about the UAE; the creativity of their decorations, and the levels of participation amongst team members.

“The ‘Proud of the UAE’s culture’ competition brings together every member of staff into a unified commemoration of the things we are most proud about in our country. Emirati culture is unique and something to be celebrated by itself. This contest is a dedication to the UAE on the occasion of the 41st National Day, and we encourage others across the nation to devise unique, creative ways to demonstrate their admiration of the country,” said Ahmad Bin Byat, Chairman, du.

Every year, du holds an internal contest to strengthen the bonds between colleagues, while offering them a platform to express their love of the UAE.

In addition to the internal campaign, du hosted a National Day Forum on 28 November, at Zayed University campus in Abu Dhabi. During the event, which was attended by HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs, du announced the winners of the du Social Media Awards. Additionally, a national song composed by poet Ali Al Khawar using lyrics submitted by people in the UAE, was performed by Fayez Al Saeed and Shamma Hamdan.