du celebrates and awards its top innovators

du had a special annual awarding ceremony at its head office, at which the top most innovators of the year have been awarded, in addition to its great managers and some other categories of top achievers.

Fareed AlGheyath, a UAE national whom is a member of du’s executive team have been awarded as the top most innovative person in the company. He has generated more than 100 innovative & creative ideas in a period spanning a year & a half only.

Fareed, who has an IQ of 147 and a multi-disciplinary, multi industry work track record, is the Vice president of Corporate Excellence & External Affairs> asside from being involved in many to strategic initiatives, he leads the company’s engagement with all regional and international organizations such as ITU, AICTO, Arab League, etc. He also works closely with SAMENA’s executive management on several matters of utmost importance for the development & evolution of the ICT industry in the region. Recently he made a powerful contribution as a panelist on SAMENA’s Internet governance panel, during beyond connectivity event.

Fareed also was announced as the top most innovators among those whose ideas have been accepted and put into implementation. In fact his innovation acceptance rate is more than 24%, reaching almost 250 times (25000%) the regular innovation acceptance rate, which is 1 in 1000 according to the leading international innovation thinker ‘Gary Hamel’.

His innovative ideas and suggestions that are structurally captured in the company’s system, crosses a wide range of fields that are vital in todays business & socioeconomic world. these included but not confined to, initiatives such as creating new revenue streams, rethinking business models,  advancing workplace environment, boosting employee productivity & engagement, advancing corporate social responsibilities, enriching customer experience, and introducing new business & operational paradigms; to mentione but a few.

Fareed has been awarded many times for his super creativity & innovative capabilities as well as for his superb skills in collaborating with the TRA and many other regional international organizations

du seems to be wholeheartedly invested in leveraging on its wealth of talents and exceptional skill-sets of its employees to leap beyond its phenomenal success; and It also seems that UAE has another multi-talented executive star.