Du expands Health Text programme portfolio with launch of LiveWell and LoseWeight

Coinciding with World Health Day, Du has announced further progress in its efforts to promote healthy living with the launch of two new initiatives LiveWell and LoseWeight. The new programmes will fall under Health Text – Du’s bouquet of SMS text based services that provide tips, suggestions, factoids and advice for leading a better and healthy lifestyle. These programmes will be available from 12 April, with the active support of the Ministry of Health, and will be an opportunity for our customers to receive and use information designed to lead healthier lives.

These successfully follow the recently launched QuitSmoke – where customers get text messages and tips that motivate and prompt them to perform day to day actions that help them quit smoking. LiveWell and LoseWeight services are being provided in association with PurpleTeal, Inc., a US based health services provider, and are aimed to encourage Du customers to live healthy lifestyles and achieve that ever elusive goal of keeping those extra pounds off.

The LoseWeight© programme, covering a 8-week period, sends suggestions and instructions on dealing with food cravings, urges and withdrawal to help subscribers stick to their goal of losing weight. LiveWell©, however, is a perpetual and continuous programme, and sends hints and tips via SMS, encouraging subscribers to take action to maintain and improve their health and physical condition.

“With rising healthcare costs and scarce resources, people do not always go for recommended checkups or maintain productive health habits such as exercise, watching their diet or following up on useful medical information. Studies show that people perform less than 50% of these actions overall, leaving many missed opportunities to improve their wellbeing and often resulting in unwanted conditions. Our two unique new services LiveWell and LoseWeight will help subscribers diligently and conscientiously monitor their health resulting in an increased quality of life,” said Farid Faraidooni, Chief Commercial Officer, Du.

“We are proud to be part of these two new Du initiatives that is set to truly make a difference in people’s lives. Our mission is to improve ‘quality of life’ by hand-holding individuals to perform prescribed or recommended health activities, and we got a fantastic partner in Du to help accomplish it “said Narayanan Ram, CEO of PurpleTeal.

Customers can subscribe/unsubscribe to any of the “Health Text” services by doing the following:

– To subscribe to Live Well – Type SUB LWL and send to 5544
– To unsubscribe to Live Well – Type UNSUB LWL abd send to 5544
– To subscribe to Lose Weight – Type SUB LWT and send to 5544
– To unsubscribe to Live Well – Type UNSUB LWT and send to 5544
– To subscribe to Quit Smoke – Type SUB QS and send to 5544
– To unsubscribe to Live Well – Type UNSUB QS and send to 5544

Once activated, the Lose Weight programme will continue for 8 weeks. The LiveWell programme is a perpetual and continuous initiative that will deliver relevant and current information to discerning customers. The duration of the Quit Smoke programme is 8 weeks. All initiatives have a fee per day deducted by from the customer’s Pay as you Go credit or debited in postpaid customers’ bills.

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