Du says delays hit submarine internet cable repairs

du, the UAE’s second largest telecoms firm, has said that repairs are ongoing to a damaged undersea cable which has affect internet services.

The telco said earlier this week that it hoped services would return to normal by 30th March but delays have hit the repairs.

About 30% of du’s overall available internet capacity has been affected by bandwidth degradation and longer connection times.

In a statement, du said: “In regard to the cable cut of the Flag-Falcon Cable System, operated by Reliance Globalcom Company, that may have caused some degradation of internet services – we have just been informed by the cable operators that the cable is still under restoration works.

“Although this unfortunate incident is not under our control, du is working proactively with the concerned parties to ensure a speedy resolution.

“du apologises for any inconvenience caused and is committed to provide further updates on actions being taken to restore capacity performance to normal levels.”

It added that traffic was continuing to be re-routed over other available links to lessen the impact on customers.

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