Ericsson at World Economic Forum 2017 – working further with Responsive and Responsible Leadership

“Responsive and Responsible Leadership” was the 2017 theme for the gathering of the world’s top business leaders, heads of state and public figures at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, from January 17 to 22. As a strategic partner, Ericsson is onsite to share its views and experiences of how the development in Information and Communications Technology impacts every part of society.


Ericsson’s delegation this year is led by Elaine Weidman-Grunewald, Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, and Ulf Pehrsson, Vice President, Government and Industry Relations. They will be working on topics such as “Internet for All”, “the role of the private sector in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, “Humanitarian Response”, and “The Future of International Trade and Investment”, among others.

Weidman-Grunewald says: “The multi-stakeholder approach across governments, private companies and public enterprises is key to realizing goals in leadership. At the World Economic Forum, you come face to face with those partners and can set the agenda for the conversations and initiatives throughout the year.”

The topics at WEF coincide with Ericsson’s own agenda on the digital transformation of industries, Internet for All and responsible business. Weidman-Grunewald says: “In every meeting and appearance, we will be demonstrating how, along with our customers and partners, we are leading the transformation toward a truly Networked Society and creating a more sustainable world.”