Ericsson opens 1st Global ICT Center in Sweden

Ericsson opens 1st Global ICT Center in SwedenEricsson has opened its first Global ICT Center in Linköping, Sweden, enables Ericsson’s staff of over 25,000 R&D engineers to collaborate beyond borders more easily and efficiently.

This follows Ericsson’s announcement made in September last year to build three new Global ICT Centers. Two will be located in Sweden; one in Quebec, Canada.

Graham Osborne, vice president, Global ICT Center Program at Ericsson, said: “The opening of the first Global ICT Center shows how Ericsson, as the leading information and technology provider, is taking another step in its journey towards the Networked Society, providing industry-leading cloud-enabled technology.

“The Global ICT Centers are our own industrial commitment to the cloud. With our cloud-based technology, the centers will enable our cross-functional teams to collaborate beyond borders. It will allow us to get quality products and services to our customers faster than ever before. For us this is a milestone.”

The new centers will house Ericsson’s complete portfolio and will be available to R&D engineers around the world. The Global ICT Centers will have industry-leading energy efficiency and are placed in areas with access to renewable energy and a reliable power grid. The three ICT Centers combined will be up to 120,000 sq m, approximately the size of 14 football fields.

The centers will have a leading-edge design, built in a modular and scalable way, securing an efficient use of resources and space adaptable to the business needs.

Ericsson estimates that the combination of architecture, design and locations will reduce energy consumption up to 40 per cent. This significant reduction in carbon footprint is instrumental in Ericsson’s vision of a more sustainable future.

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