Etisalat Awards Outstanding Employees during Annual HR Celebration Event

Etisalat yesterday awarded its outstanding employees who had achieved an ‘excellent’ rating in their annual assessment for 2010, as part of the Corporation’s commitment to high performers and belief that they are the driving force behind enhancing a company’s performance.

Abdul Aziz al Sawaleh, Chief Human Resources Officer for Etisalat, said: “Etisalat has made significant strides and achievements in the telecoms sector not only locally and regionally but also globally, and this success would not have been achieved without the existence of loyal employees who were able to push the speed of progression forward, propelling the Corporation to global levels.”

“After Etisalat expanded its scope to 18 countries, and after the number of subscribers approached 150 million, there became an urgent need to create a new mechanism for development and innovation, to ensure consistency with the various working environments we operate in.”

“Because of this, Etisalat is able to access new ways of working and new visions from each market, and we strive to consolidate these visions and methods of working to create a consistent vision, which is apparent in all aspects of the Corporation.”

Al Sawaleh also stated that Etisalat is committed to building and refining the career strengths and technical skills of its employees, while enhancing their abilities to interact with the public, the latter of which is particularly important for customer-facing employees. This comes under the Corporation’s belief that customers’ satisfaction is a key factor in determining the success of a company.

Etisalat has had a deep-rooted interest in the development of its employees for the past three decades and continues to work on developing existing and qualifying new skills through training courses. Through these training programmes, staff members can confidently understand the latest technologies in the ICT world.

Etisalat strongly believes that human resources is the foundation of its success, and by providing suitable opportunities, employees can be motivated to achieve excellence and creativity, which in turn is reflected in the products and services offered by the Corporation.

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