Etisalat enables Government organizations to ride the ICT wave

Conducts focused workshop to share best practices and ICT trends for the Government sector
Etisalat today hosted a focused group workshop for Government organisations to showcase how ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) can accelerate the pace of development for organisations, by improving service provision, reducing costs and creating a lasting customer value. The one day workshop focused on emerging ICT trends such as Cloud Computing, Mobility, e-Hosting and Smart City Solutions, while providing succinct case examples for successful Etisalat initiatives towards creating collaborative e-Government solutions.

With technology becoming increasingly important in the delivery of public services, Etisalat’s ICT workshop addressed key issues facing government organizations today, whilst giving in-depth analysis through thought provoking discussions on relevant topics such as – online delivery of public services, harnessing mobility to achieve optimum efficiency, significance of data centre rationalization and outsourced managed services.

Speaking on the occasion, Abdulla Hashim, Senior VP, Business Solutions, Etisalat said: Today government organizations face enormous challenge with respect to achieving budget savings, becoming more transparent with data and reducing carbon emissions. ICT is a key factor in the Government’s ambitions to realize efficiency savings and transform service delivery. Effective ICT deployment in the government sector is not only significant in creating a connected economy but also core to the holistic development of the country.”

During the workshop, Etisalat demonstrated its end to end Managed Telecom & ICT capabilities and customized solutions for the government sector. Some of the innovative solutions by Etisalat in the Government sector include the SharePoint Portal deployment and iPhone application development for the Ministry of Health. The focal point of the workshop was to guide the government organizations to create a sustainable ICT strategy for future, and leverage the already existing ICT infrastructure.

“ICT can play a critical role in facilitating growth by allowing organizations to move away from a capital expenditure model to a operational expenditure model. With our end to end ICT expertise and state of the art infrastructure, Etisalat can provide a very strong value proposition to drive productivity and optimize efficiencies across the value chain,” Hashim added.

In terms of Business Solutions, Etisalat today is engaged in delivering a comprehensive range of services encompassing Business Connectivity, Managed ICT, Business Mobility and eBusiness and Managed Security services, thereby offering organizations an ICT partner for better business.

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