Etisalat launches ‘e-Hospitality’ services in the UAE

  • First in the region to create a holistic bundled and innovative Multimedia solution – a combination of Voice , high speed Internet and Etisalat TV services – for the hotel industry
  • Etisalat TV service to provide annual cost savings of up to 25% to hotels

In its endeavor to provide convenience, coverage and value to its customers, Etisalat today announced the launch of its ‘e-Hospitality’ services – a holistic ICT solution specifically created for the hospitality segment – that offers a unique combination of voice PRI, Internet dedicated access (IDA) and Etisalat TV services.

Etisalat’s e-Hospitality solution will enable hotels in the UAE to deliver an unmatched multimedia experience to their guests, by aligning three significant customer touch points – landline, internet and television services. A contemporary bundle, the solution will be made available in three distinct packages viz. Silver, Gold and Platinum – offering up to 30 voice PRI channels, up to 1GB of dedicated Internet access and a list of over 300 TV channels – for hotels to choose from, depending on their unique business requirements. Moreover, the solution offers substantial annual cost savings of up to 25%, through the Etisalat TV services to the customers.   The e-Hospitality solution would be made available through Etisalat’s IP network, providing greater reliability, higher speed and unmatched convenience through a single vendor touch-point.

Commenting on the service, Abdulla Hashim, Senior VP, Business Solutions, Etisalat said: “The e-Hospitality solution, is yet another pioneering initiative from Etisalat that provides a strong value proposition for our customers in the hospitality segment. Service experience is a core and arguably the most critical aspect for the hospitality sector. Through Etisalat’s e-Hospitality services, hotels in the UAE will be able deliver a truly unique and unmatched communications and entertainment experience to their guests by aligning voice, data and Etisalat TV services, through a single touch point. Moreover, with this unique combination of customer-centric services, the solution will not only streamline service delivery mechanism for hotels, but will also provide higher operational efficiencies and significant cost savings to them.”

Currently most hotels in the UAE offer voice, Internet and television services in an incoherent way through distinct service providers. Etisalat’s e-Hospitality bundle will offer a cohesive and congruent solution towards offering enhanced service provision, reduced operational and support costs and substantial business value. In addition, Etisalat can also provide Hotel Interactive TV services (HITV) and Video on Demand (VoD) services to the hotels, providing a unified solution for their communication requirements.

“Etisalat has an unrivaled experience and consummate expertise for offering the best of ICT solutions to our customers, be it for voice, data or Etisalat TV services. Combining our strengths in these three domains gives us a distinct first-mover advantage in the industry.” Hashim added.

Etisalat TV services are a leading source for regional entertainment in the UAE to offer over 350 TV channels in 21 different languages, ranging from sports to movies, from documentaries to music and kid’s channels in addition to 23 high definition premium channels.

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