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Etisalat launches iPhone 4 plans for Wasel Prepaid customers

Etisalat today announced the provision of iPhone 4 to its Wasel prepaid customers, following the launch of the device for postpaid customers in September last year. The device is available in black and white to all Wasel customers for AED 2,449 for the 16GB capacity device and AED 2,849 for the 32GB capacity device.

Every Wasel prepaid customer purchasing the device receives 500 MB of free mobile data for monthly usage for three months, following which, customers can avail of this mobile data plan for only AED 50 per month. In addition, they can also subscribe to any of the available mobile data packages. Mobile Data allows customers to  check their emails, surf the Internet, chat with friends, enjoy video streaming and much more while on the move.

iPhone 4 is one of the most sophisticated smartphones across the world and delivers superior performance when used on 3.5G networks, providing data download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and data upload speeds of up to 5.8 Mbps which increases the need for advanced networks. To meet customer’s growing demands for mobile data bandwidth and connectivity, Etisalat enhanced the Internet network earlier this year to provide customers with speeds of up to 42Mbps. This makes Etisalat’s network the fastest in the region, in addition to the nation’s widest coverage of 99% of the UAE’s populated area. This also boosts Etisalat’s customers’ experience when they use the applications on their latest iPhone 4 device, anywhere in the country.

Omar Muzakki, Vice President – Product Marketing, Etisalat commented, “iPhone 4 is one of the most popular smartphones in the world. Since its launch in the UAE last September, it has been in high demand from Etisalat’s customers. Etisalat’s wide 3.5G mobile broadband network cover has been a contributing factor in the boost of smartphone usage in general and unprecedented growth of mobile data usage in the country in particular.”

The iPhone 4 design is dynamic and completely different from the earlier iPhone devices. Apple has redesigned this device to be 24% slimmer than iPhone 3G. With body thickness of 9.3mm, the new device has many unique features including: a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash with auto self timer, in addition to a front camera that allows visual calls, HD video recording, with up to 40% longer battery life time that reaches to 14 hours when using the 2G network.

iPhone 4 requires a special SIM, different from the ones used in other regular mobile devices. Etisalat has been the first in the region to offer this customized SIM, last May. Customers will be offered the flexibility to get a new SIM card or an additional one (Twin) or exchange their existing SIM cards for another micro SIM. This micro SIM card is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPad and is available at the same price and specification as the regular SIM card, but in a smaller size.

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