Etisalat Launches OTT-Ready Smart Hub

Middle East’s first Rich Communications Ecosystem (RCS-e) Solution Launched at Telecom World Middle East

Ali Amiri, Executive Vice President of Etisalat’s Carrier and Wholesale services today unveiled a revolutionary new service for the region’s operator and content communities. Etisalat’s Smart Hub, located in the UAE, has been equipped with a state-of-the-art Over the Top (OTT) Hub providing the content ecosystem with access to key telecom technologies and services and connectivity to Etisalat’s regional customer base.

Mr Amiri unveiled the innovation during a keynote presentation at Carriers World Middle East in Dubai today.

Ali Amiri Executive Vice President of Etisalat’s Carrier and Wholesale services said: “We are fast approaching the inflection point where the investment required in infrastructure needs to be supported from other revenue streams. A new commercial framework is now required. Our Rich Communications Ecosystem strategy is geared to become the industry’s optimum solution, as it helps to create a partnership between operators and content providers for the benefit of the consumer.”

Etisalat’s Smart OTT-Hub allows any content provider – Content Delivery Network (CDN), Content Management System (CMS), Conditional Access Provider (CAP) or other content provider, aggregator or telco – to partner with Etisalat and quickly and efficiently reach out to millions of customers on any ‘screen’. The solution provides access to billing systems, customer care and toll free services and SMS thereby removing the need for these companies to invest in developing their own assets.

Ali Amiri continued: “Etisalat started its journey towards a digital media ecosystem in 2008, building on almost a decade of experience gained from providing TV services through E-Vision. We have since secured significant customers and have developed experience that we can share with all partners servicing the region.”

According to the GSMA, RCS-e strategies enable mobile operators to lead the next wave of personal mobile communications by building on their trusted customer relationship and promoting their key strengths in quality, reliability and security. Operators such as Etisalat, who are deploying RCS-e, are able to offer OTT companies a universal service that is product and platform independent and transparent to the customer.

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