Etisalat provides UAE Nationals with the opportunity to enroll in the REYADA leadership programme

With the aim of improving the skills and capabilities of its employees, while enabling them to explore the latest telecommunications technology in both China and Europe, Etisalat has given five UAE National employees the opportunity to enroll in the REYADA leadership development programme, in collaboration with Etisalat’s strategic partners. The programme is in line with Etisalat’s vision to develop the abilities of its talented Emiratis and enable them to learn about the latest available technologies.

The programme incorporates a wide variety of global technologies and takes place in various locations such as China, Spain, Germany, Sweden and the UAE. The programme consists of both theoretical and practical elements. The practical elements will take place in a number of international corporations which are strategic partners of Etisalat.

The internship programme consists of a series of joint activities in which senior officials from Huawei and Etisalat join forces in the creation of a professional-development programme tailor-made to each of the trainee’s chosen career path, over a period of three months.

Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh, Chief Human Resources Officer at Etisalat, emphasised on the importance of such programmes, which are a key driver in the activation of Emiratisation strategies.

“Emiratisation is not achieved by simply appointing UAE Nationals, it occurs when we continuously train and develop their skills, in order to build a productive generation which contributes to making the UAE a sustainable society,” he said.
“Investing in key UAE talents is a true investment in the UAE and a key pillar for sustainable development,” Al Sawaleh continued.

He continued: “Etisalat is unique as a UAE organisation, in that it practices Emiratisation through all business sections and designations, where the employees have full knowledge of all work related issues and requirements. Etisalat supports those employees that work hard, and develops their capabilities accordingly, through providing them with great education and training opportunities.”

Participants expressed their sincere gratitude and appreciation towards Etisalat, as the corporation continues to activate initiatives which develop the capabilities of employees, in particular UAE Nationals.

Sawaleh concluded: “Experience has shown that UAE Nationals have become some of the best leaders in the telecommunications sector. Etisalat can be considered prime example of this, as more than 70 UAE Nationals run the organization’s projects in 18 countries in Asia and Africa.”

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