His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan  & H H Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan  and Nasser Bin Obood A CEO Etisalat during the exhibition

Etisalat to Attract Local Talent at Al Ain Education and Career Fair

Al Sawaleh: UAE Nationals at Etisalat have demonstrated their potential through previous achievements; their talent is recognised by international corporations

In line with its strategy to support and assist young Emiratis seeking enhanced job opportunities to achieve their future aspirations, Etisalat is participating in the Al Ain Education & Career Fair, taking place at Al Khabisi Wedding Celebration Hall from May 2 – 4, 2011.

Etisalat’s participation in the Career Fair is part of the corporation’s efforts to enhance the Emiratisation policy adopted by the government of the UAE, which aims to provide a platform and different tools to aid the progression and development of young Emiratis, while securing UAE Nationals in suitable working jobs, where they can develop their expertise and creativity.

Abdul Aziz Al Sawaleh, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Etisalat, said: “At Etisalat we are inspired by the vision of our wise leadership, and work to provide a platform which promotes Emiratisation in the corporation. We also seek to have a vital role as a UAE-based organisation, which employs the largest pool of talented competencies in the telecommunications industry in the country.”

“Our strategy is based on the fact that UAE Nationals form the main engine for development, and harnessing this element is a strategic decision that has a significant impact on the sustainable development process. Etisalat invests significantly in terms of recruiting and training UAE Nationals as we believe this is a future investment, and provides the sector with the experience and qualifications needed to meet the developments and progression in the country,” Al Sawaleh continued.

Al Sawaleh also stated that Etisalat is determined to continue supporting Emiratisation, believing that the energy and potential of young Emiratis is unlimited, particularly if they are provided the opportunity and environment that enables them to develop and progress, an environment that Etisalat is determined to provide.

Al Sawaleh also confirmed that the UAE National workforce in Etisalat have shown their potential through the many successes they have achieved in the past, and often gain recognition and attention from large, global corporations.

Etisalat develops leadership skills for its staff by providing dedicated training programmes in line with the highest international standards, for both administrative and leadership roles. The number of Emirati employees consists of 35% of the current workforce, which counts as more than 3,200 employees. Etisalat’s clear strategy for Emiratisation ensures UAE Nationals are employed within all core pillars of the business including financial, engineering, technical and marketing departments, providing a rich selection of competencies in a wide range of fields. The same is applied through Etisalat’s leadership positions where 90% of all executive management roles are filed by UAE Nationals.

Etisalat focuses on initiatives which support Emiratisation in the UAE, in order to create a generation which is productive and of high performance, through various training initiatives. The organisation established the Etisalat Academy which is considered as one of the region’s leading training centres for businesses, leadership skills, governmental development and telecommunications and information technology. To date, more than 76,000 Emiratis have graduated from the academy comprising of 3,170 Etisalat employees, while the remainder work in different sectors in the country. This highlight’s a new dimension to Etisalat’s role in Emiratisation in UAE society, as it has provided skilled and competent professionals for other national organisations.

Training field for Employees- 2010 Number of Trained Emiratis
Training in Etisalat Academy 1,416
Training inside the country 2,325
Training with Manufacturers 423
Training outside the country 185

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